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Medical Transcriptionist Wanted Immediately - $500 Sign On Bonus

Would you like to make money from your home as a Medical Transcriptionist? The work includes medical billing, claims, and records coding or file transcription. There are many legitimate firms looking for qualified individuals to work from home at any given time —but there are even more frauds and scams.

A Firm is currently offering work-at-home medical administrative-service jobs. Are you tired of looking for a job and decided to try an online job? Online Jobs are gaining popularity, particularly among small-business owners who do not need or cannot afford full-time office staff, or have limited or no office space. Jobs on the Internet are widely available in scores of industries. You can land good Internet job opportunities.

Shirley says, "My secret to getting an internet job was to take advantage of Internet employment opportunities when they appear. By reading your online publications, I was on the alert for the providers of Internet jobs when I became a subscriber I knew I had to do something to bring in an income, so decided to start trying online job opportuntities. And I am very happy I did."

Typical Medical Transcriptionist FAQs

How will I be compensated?

Medical Transcriptionists are paid for their production. Typically, you are paid by the line. A line consists of 65 characters, including word expansions.

How often will I get paid?

You get paid twice per month, and most jobs offer direct deposit for your convenience.

Is pay for deducted for errors?

No. While we adhere to the highest quality standards in the business for our clients and our Medical Transcriptionists, our goal is for you to be the best you can be, not to penalize you. We appreciate that you need a predictable paycheck, and we keep it simple. Our QA staff provides plenty of feedback, allowing our Medical Transcriptionists to learn from their mistakes and become more accurate and more productive.

What equipment is necessary and where will I obtain it?

What software do I need? As a technology-centric business, Each transcription employee has the option of using their own computer (providing it meets minimum specifications), or using company-supplied equipment for successful transcription.

What happens if I have technical problems while working online?

The systems are designed to provide you with a stable, reliable environment so you can be as productive as possible. However, if you experience technical difficulties with company-owned equipment, the Company provides trained technical support to make sure you are back up and running as quickly as possible.


Medical Transcriptionist Wanted Immediately - $500 Sign On Bonus
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